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After leaving the Facebook party I was tempted back on again... I sometimes compare it to the 'good old days'. So, I wrote this song: Like Like Unlike...

In the summer after launching debut album Cage for the Clouds, and playing Like Like Unlike live for the first time, the raw recording made its way online and got big love from loads of folks including friends and a couple of DJs... hear the full live set over here.

So, seeing as I didn't plan another album for a year or so, I thought I'd record and release the song - and throw in a Christmas carol: an updated version of Midnight Clear...

And... I'd always wanted to put out some 'unplugged' versions of my songs, so I sat down with a Fender Rhodes and recorded them all straight-off, no overdubs. There's 7 tracks, including a couple of new songs not available anywhere else.

And if all that wasn't enough, there's an exclusive early demo of 'Two Kinds of Blue' - 10-track blues/funk album coming summer 2012.

The full 11-track package is available on CD for a couple of quid, or you can download tracks from a variety of places...

bit.ly/LikePennies | bit.ly/MidnightClear

Track Listing:

  1. Like Like Unlike
  2. Midnight Clear
    Unplugged tracks (Voice/Fender Rhodes)
  3. Cage for the Clouds
  4. Cold Stares
  5. Like Like Unlike
  6. You see her
  7. Sing them anyway
  8. She's gone
  9. Alibi
    Bonus tracks
  10. Like Like Unlike (Live debut)
  11. Two Kinds of Blue (Demo)

04: Simple
03: Like
02: Live
01: Cage


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