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Welcome to Tattie Records, on Scotland's sunny east coast.

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Tattie Records is a small record label based in Dundee on the east coast of Scotland.

Portraits of People I Never Knew


A series of explorations of characters both real and imagined, meandering between folk, blues and country.

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grow thrive bend break


songs collected over the past 25 years and recorded during lockdown in spring 2021

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stars from a sidecar


indie folk album of songs, stars and stories

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Day Job

Limited CDs available

Day Job, by Ed Muirhead & The Banter.

An album of original roots and blues.
Includes High Girders - about the collapse of the world's longest bridge

"High Girders throws down a glove to anyone who says that the blues are passé; in fact it's a thumping tune in the vein of its earliest incarnations that suddenly sounds terribly novel" · 1320radio.com

Simple Life


New-fashioned folk songs, including Ballad of Lorraine and Frank, On Magdalen Green & Ode to the Kingsway.

"This is songwriting done right, skillfully realised, performed without equivocation; the results are moving" · Oli Arditi